hello and welcome to this short video in which we will show you how to fit bikes last race fairing through this motorcycle it is a good idea to fit a race fairing because of two reasons number one you save a lot of weight and number two you save a lot of money when you fall down at a race track with your standard fairing bikes plus is one of the few producers that does everything in-house,cheap motorcycle fairings, meaning they get their own molds for every motorcycle they get a new model in the factory and then make sure that everything fits 100% what we have here is a brand new Honda Fireblade cbr1000rr that is already stripped of everything from the factory.

so everything that we don’t need at the track is gone best part about bikes was fairings it is very easy to install all you need is a screwdriver and a hex tool first we’ll start with the tank cover and the holder for the seat next is the rear part of the fairing which is nicely reinforced on the inside with Kevlar carbon in the most important places now we take the hex key and attach the seat part you know I really like the details check out the CVR logo over here pretty nice now,cbr 500r fairings, we are done with the back of the bike so we move to the front but before we attach the front fairing we need to put in the air ducts when installing the upper fairing in the front make sure that these air ducts line up with the holes the upper fairing has bolts that have rubber on them to prevent it from cracking now.

we install the sight pharynx again look how reinforced where the bolts touch it is everything is pre-drilled and it has the holders already attached as well now we take the loose fasteners and look how easy it is to attach now we move to the lower fairing here,2006 gsxr 600 fairings, I have to say that with bikes plus you get always something extra look at this there’s reinforcements where all the bolts are there’s also this heat foil that prevents the muffler from damaging the bodywork and also there are two drains for the liquids what’s really nice is that you use the original factory holders for the lower fairing so it is again very easy to attach now .

we have two more screws on the left side to attach the lower faring the last thing to attach is the front fender again everything is pre-drilled and everything is reinforced on the inside so now I cut in four more bolts and I’m done as you saw it took less than ten minutes to put all the bodywork on and now we’re ready to hit the track if you want to know more about our fantastic products check out our website you

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