here’s my cbr600rr and today’s oil change day luckily oil changes are very simple without taking off the fairings now for this particular bike all you really need is a 12 minute and the we taught a 12 mil socket and wrench damn it hold on and before I go any further let me reiterate I am NOT a professional I’m a fat guy on the internet who likes to hear himself talk so know that before we go any further anything goes wrong don’t sue me now this right here is a mumble 110 W for the oil when you get your oil make sure you get oil at specified to work with a wet clutch which is what this bike has and you’re gonna need three of these this bike takes 2.9 chords if you replace the filter and 2.7 if you’re using the same filter now since this is the first oil change I want to do since I got the bike I am also replacing the filter as well and that is going to be a KN 2:04 this should be pretty easy no okay now like I just find the old pan now this particular bike the drain plug is pretty easy to get right down underneath here you should see a 12 Mills all cut right there or 12 mil bolt that’s a drain plug you ,yamaha r6 fairings,okay I’ll pull that right out actually my dream man might be too tall for this way oh that makes me felt good I actually had to crack the nut off loosen it to a point where I can get it off by hand and then slide the drain pan I wasn’t able to use the the wrench and the drain pan at the same time now because of that .

I may have misjudged the distance between the possible spouts of oil and where the drain pan was and that caused me a drip turmoil but it’s no big deal the desert it won’t rain so do we find and it’s currently dripping out oil I’m gonna let it do that for about 10-15 minutes before I continue and then I’ll begin to pull off the oil filter which is right in there I do is more or less right back over there sure I guess here’s a better angle.

let’s take my hand and then just turn it try and pull it out will pan out right here oh that’s terrible looks like it’s almost too Brown it looks like it’s I turns out I forgot to buy a funnel so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna clean up this bolt clean up the threads on the oil filter put both of those on leave the bike sealed up go get a fun line and put the oil in it okay let’s clean this up and then clean the threads off ,yamaha r1 fairings,so this bolt is in good shape all the threads are good and you want to make sure that metal washers on there as well let’s take that into this before you put the new one on you want to make sure the old one still has this ring on it you see the rubberized ring right there wanna make sure that little ring is still on there make sure you want to make sure that rubber ring is still on there so that’s good let’s do this lid off it right back on there my little hand tight put a little oil around the old filter before you put it on the bike back from the auto parts store.

I got some of this but we’ll spill stuff she’s working pretty well and I’m gonna back the bike up double-check and make sure everything is tightened up that means the old filter and the drain plug then we’ll pop some oil into this thing hopefully not break it let’s do this now remember again before you finish draining the oil be sure to hold the bike up perpendicular 90 degrees of the ground and to chuck the oil you need to do the same thing hold the bike up perpendicular 90 degrees to the ground,cheap motorcycle fairings, this is to allow all the oil to come out of the bike once you’re done and it it gives you a more accurate reading on the oil site gate now once the once you do replace the oil you’ll look down to this oil site right here do you think get some images of it it might be will see away there it’s a circular thing now when the bike is its normal resting position on the kickstand you’re not gonna see anything through the earth site so to actually check the oil level you have to tell the bike 90 degrees straight up and down and you’ll be able to see the two tick marks you want to make sure your oil levels in between those two tick marks that’s about it pretty happy next video of working on the bike is definitely going to be replacing these fairings right back here because basically the back end of this bike is held on together by duct tape and zip ties I have nothing against that but doesn’t exactly look too fancy okay she’s dirty but she has clean oil she runs like a champ with some minor overheating issues with like with a child fix soon okay that’s about it I have a good one guys

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